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Why progressing to an Intermediate/Professional Instrument is important?

Imagine you’re buying a box of Crayons. Thus far, you’ve only ever bought your trusty and reliable sixteen-pack. You’re familiar with its predictable color palette and its bright rudimentary hues. Why ever change? A quick walk down the aisle, however, reveals an extensive array of Crayon boxes: thirty-two packs, forty-eight packs, and even sixty-four packs with deeper and richer colors than you’ve ever imagined. Your excitement begins to build at the thought of all the beautiful pictures you’ll soon create. Before you know it, you’re out the door wielding your newest vessel for creativity.


Now translate this feeling to the purchase of an upgraded instrument: You’ve been renting a dependable student model trombone for years. You’ve enjoyed it, it’s served you well, but now you’re ready to advance to that new model; you’re ready to expand your color palette from primary to technicolor.


I remember when I upgraded from my student model trombone to an intermediate and then professional instrument. My eyes were opened to a whole world of new sounds, colors, and possibilities. Sure, my experience with the student model was satisfactory for my needs at the time, but once I upgraded in my first year of high school, I knew I could never go back. I instantly felt my musical abilities transform; I was thriving! Once I knew what I was missing, I started experimenting with different models, mouthpieces, etc. to find my true match. I am proud to say my current trombone took me all the way through college at UCLA! 


The moral of the story? You may feel content with your current instrument but think of all the incredible musical experiences you could be having with a brand-new step-up instrument (a.k.a. your new-and-improved “Crayon box”)! It may take a few “swipes across the page” to find your favorite shade, but with our extensive collection, we guarantee you’ll leave the store with a new and improved color scheme.


(Come by today if you’re thinking about upgrading your rental for a step-up instrument. We’ve got you covered.)


Radu Azdril - Store Manager - Agoura Hills Location 

Sarah McKagan - Sales Associate - Agoura Hills Location