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How we are reintroducing in person music lessons COVID safe

How we are reintroducing In-person Music Lessons COVID Safe

Learning an instrument is a lifelong journey, and like any journey it is important to start off on the right foot with the tools you need to succeed. In this era of the internet there is certainly no shortage of articles and phone apps that claim to make you a master of your instrument in a few short months and YouTube videos aplenty trying to teach you how to play. However, there is no substitute for the good old fashioned lesson room.


Having someone to guide you from the start and avoid bad habits and work through those early frustrations is an essential part of learning to play. I was fortunate to have a great Horn player as a parent to get me on the road to playing, but even that left me with a few things I had to unlearn later in my playing career. If any brass player has ever had to re-learn their embouchure you understand the pain!


Lessons in Covid

Covid shut down more than just our favorite restaurants and movie theaters. It put a hard stop to musical activities across the country, and lessons were certainly no exception. Some teachers and students were able to persevere through Zoom and other online formats, but we can all agree that something is lost by not being together in the same room. Not only is it more exciting to play with people live, it is so much easier to discern things like tone and timbre without the interference of microphone set-ups and internet lag. Having immediate and detailed feedback from someone in the same room is worth its weight in musical gold! That is why we are so excited to bring back lessons as safely as we can.


What are we doing to keep lessons safe?

Even with vaccines rolling out, we are still taking every precaution to keep all of our customers and employees safe as we dive into lessons once again. All of our rooms have large clear dividers to ensure proper spacing and a physical barrier for safety. Each room also has an air purifier working throughout each lesson and after for extra cleaning power! In addition, everyone gets an appropriate mask to wear within the store. There is a mask for everyone, from your most basic mask for a guitar player to various flap and slit masks and even a mask built specifically for flute players. I assure you it works! Last, but certainly not least, everyone gets access to all the hand sanitizer they could dream of.


The Importance of Music

If there is anything this last year has taught me, it is how much I miss having students and teachers coming through the store every day, working and improving each week to become better musicians. I have also realized just how much of my life used to be filled with live music. There have been valiant efforts across the country to keep music going one way or another. Whether it be pre-recorded symphonies, small chamber ensembles spread across massive rooms or even attempts to master the technology of Jamulus, music hasn’t entirely left. But with the light at the end of the tunnel approaching we will hopefully see music increasingly enter back into our lives. We will soon be back to catching concerts with friends, and with our lesson program you can hopefully be a star in one of those concerts soon!


If you want to start your journey into playing music or get back into that flute you used to play back in the day, or if your children are clamoring to learn that cool sax or need a project for the summer, give us a call or come by to start taking lessons today!


Cody Anderson – Store Manager – Santa Barbara Location