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Eastman Music Company - Overview

Eastman Music Company has been working hard to become one of the most exciting brands to date. Not only do they manufacture violins, guitars, woodwind and brass instruments under the Eastman name but they also own Haynes Flutes, Shires Brass, Backun Clarinets, and as of recently, Bourgeois guitars. 

        Let’s talk about my three favorite Eastman instruments that that I feel are especially exciting: the Eastman EBC-632 tuba, EAS850 Rue St. Georges saxophone, and Backun Alpha Plus clarinet. The Eastman EBC-632 Tuba is our top selling tuba, company-wide! Well made tubas are not inexpensive by any means, but Eastman managed to make a great tuba at a competitive price. Some of the specifics are a 19 ¾ bell with nick-silver lead pipes and tuning slides. Nickle silver slides respond quicker and produce a brighter sound. Many tuba players remark how precise the intonation is, as well. The body of the instrument is made of yellow brass and it comes with an option for silver plating. It has four stainless steel pistons through a .687 bore and has a front action assembly. This model also comes with a right thumb-operated 5th rotor valve which is through a .770 bore. Lastly it includes a thermoplastic, latched case with wheels, which is very convenient when traveling to school, practices or performances. This model of instrument is great for an advanced player who is looking for a large range of tone, color, and pitch.

The EAS850 The Rue Saint-Georges is Eastman’s newest model saxophone, available in alto and tenor (word on the street says it might be available in bari coming soon!). The saxophone comes with two necks, R and S. These instruments are not identified as either classical or Jazz, but each neck provides you with more tonal options. The key work also gives the instrument a more ergonomic feel while also adding a more sophisticated look to the instrument. The keys are also designed to give better action to the key movement. The Rue Saint-George is the perfect instrument for players looking to advance their sound and playing capabilities in all genres of music.

The Backun Alpha Plus is a great step-up instrument. Backun has taken their Alpha clarinet and combined it with a wooden Q barrel as well as a Vocalise R mouthpiece. These two items greatly enhance the playing experience of this clarinet. The key work is more ergonomic and looks very much like some of Backun’s more professional models. Instead of being made of granadilla, which can be very expensive and difficult to maintain, this instrument is made of a blend of synthetic materials designed for better resonance and durability. This helps keep the cost more affordable, and the instrument less difficult to maintain. The Backun Alpha Plus is a durable Clarinet with a more sophisticated look, feel, and richer tone, which is great for the advancing player who isn’t quite ready to make the jump to a fully wooden clarinet.

All these instruments, and more, are available for test playing at our Redlands location, which is recognized as the only Premier Eastman Pro Shop in Southern California. We offer a wide selection of instruments and accessories and our knowledgeable sales staff is available to answer any and all questions. Appointments are recommended, but not required. We offer extended financing, as well as seasonal rebates on Eastman instruments.

Philip Golla 

Store Manager - Redlands Location