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Choosing a Career in Music

If you were to ask any music professional about the path that brought them to where they are today, you’ll get a different answer from each of them. There will be one underlying theme however, passion. Most often someone early on made a lasting impression that lives within still today. If you would have asked me ten years ago where I thought I would be today, you would have gotten a completely different answer from what actually transpired. My answer at that time would have been, “Just finishing up my twenty-seventh year of teaching.” Instead, I have just started a new career with Nick Rail Music.

                My passion for music started with my first piano lesson back in fourth grade. I wanted to start lessons a year before, but my parents did not own a piano, however they did have a reed organ. It took a full year to find a teacher who would break from the normal convention of teaching piano and teach me keyboards starting on an organ. She made a lasting impression on me that it is okay to look beyond the lines to find what you love.

                While my career has changed from being in the classroom to retail, I have always been true to my passion and had a career in music education. For me, music retail is another form of music education and has been an essential part of my journey. Believe it or not, it is an important part of yours as well. Performers require the right accessories that work in harmony with their instrument. Whether it is choosing the right oil for your valves, grease for your slides, or a microphone to help record your voice, you are exploring on your own and asking questions to get the best recommendations.

                Instrumentalists will outgrow their beginning instrument and need to upgrade to a better one that will allow them to truly express their inner feelings. Along the way, there are other accessories that will help, a better mouthpiece or ligature are just two examples of this. I remember spending hours trying out mouthpieces until I found the right one that allowed me to grow as a musician.

                The music industry is like a web, always connected. It does not matter what part of the music industry you are in, video and sound engineers, recording engineers, teachers, DJs, etc., all are connected and need each other. When choosing a career in music, remember to follow your heart. What is your music passion? The answer to this is the best starting point to finding a career in music that will last a lifetime, even if you decide to change careers in music as I did. My passion has not changed, nor has my goal of educating those around me to enjoy music for their entire life.

Christopher Tubbs

Store Manager / Lesson Coordinator - Valencia Location